Next Day Home Sales launches 1% listing commission in Montgomery County, MD

March 2016

Our mission is to redefine real estate in the seller’s favor.

The “traditional” days when selling your property meant signing a listing agreement with a dual agency clause allowing your listing brokerage to quickly find any buyer for your home whether it’s the best offer for you or not and conveniently collect both ends of the commission are over.


is a full service residential real estate brokerage that specializes in listing and selling homes with integrityputting our seller’s best interests above our profits, the way homes should be sold™. As our name implies, Next Day Home Sales® is seller client focused and serious about getting your home sold at or above list price by generating the most interest in your home among more nationwide Multiple Listing Service (MLS) buyer brokerages, buyer’s agents and their homebuyers than any other real estate brand in the United States.

Next Day Home Sales® is engineered for a new era in full-service residential home sales and is committed to the principle that with integrity there is a better way for REALTORS® to meet and exceed a seller client’s home selling needs. Before anything else, we laid the foundation upon which our home-selling network of America’s finest real estate listing brokers would be built: INTEGRITY – PUTTING A SELLER’S BEST INTERESTS FIRST.™

Integrity in the way we treat our customers, our fellow real estate professionals through cooperation not competition, and provide exceptional full service residential real estate brokerage services to home sellers. And integrity in the way we list and sell homes.

Next Day Home Sales® listing brokers operate from a principle of integrity (not a commission-driven mindset) which is evident from our fair and honest MLS commission splits in favor of other real estate brokerages and their buyer’s agents, this makes them accountable to not just close a good deal, but to ensure you walk away with the most money for your home sale, too.

We pride our listings on being “the buzz among buyer’s agents™” and on being able to actively market to the widest possible home buyer audience* and to generate the maximum number of “asking price” offers or higher on your single-family home, townhome, condominium, investment property, or luxury home in the shortest period of time to get you the right results, not just any result, to meet and exceed your home selling needs. That is why Next Day Home Sales® offers the most competitive commission splits to buyer’s agents in the United States.

We charge 1% – Subject to a minimum listing commission of $4,000 or home sale price of $400,000 to $749,999.

We charge 0.5% – Subject to a minimum listing commission of $3,750 or home sale price of $750,000+.

The typical total broker commission is 5% to 6%, with half paid to the listing agent and half to the buyer’s agent. Instead of charging 2.5% or 3% as a listing agent, Next Day Home Sales charges 1% or less allowing you the option to offer buyer’s agents a higher commission to put them to work for you! In a nutshell, you can pay just 3.0% of your home’s sale price when you list with Next Day Home Sales, instead of the traditional 5% or 6%, making it easy to get the best price for your home and maximize your profits.

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