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Kentlands was one of the first attempts to develop a community using Traditional Neighborhood Design planning techniques known as New Urbanism which means building from scratch a walkable, mixed-use city neighborhood or new town in order to provide an attractive alternative to the spread out, automobile-centric, subdivisions common to post-World War II American suburbia.

Kentlands is one of the best examples of mixed-use development in the country with a distinct turn-of-the-century style. Classic American homes with white picket fences and front porches are surrounded by abundant green-space. Kentlands and its younger sibling Lakelands share a vibrant commercial and retail area. Excluding condos, the median sales price for a home here is around $800,000. The median sale price for all types of homes is around $350,000.

The development, begun in 1988, contains buildings from the original Kentlands farm, many varieties of residences, a “downtown” commercial district, open space including protected natural areas and pocket parks, and civic uses including schools, a church, and an arts center. Market Square, Kentlands Square, and the Boulevard Shops are commercial districts with grocery stores, banks, boutiques, offices, stores, dozens of restaurants, and a 10-screen cinema cafe. Main Street is a mixed-use area with distinctive “live-work” buildings with retail and office uses on the lower floors and residential uses on the upper floors.

Kentlands is divided into several districts, including “Old Farm”, built around the historic mansion and the Kentlands Village Square; “Gatehouse”, named after the farm’s entry gatehouse, which has been reconstructed; the “Hill Districts”; the “Lakes Districts”; “Kentlands Bluff”; “Midtown/Main Street”; “Market Square”; and “Kentlands Square”. The winding street layout is based on a grid pattern, varied as necessary by the requirements of Kentlands topography.

Kentlands, along with its sister community Lakelands, is among the largest and arguably most successful of the New Urbanist projects. More than 8,000 residents now live in Kentlands and Lakelands, with office and commercial development totaling more than 1,000,000 Rachel Carson Elementary School is at one entrance to the community and Lakelands Park Middle School divides the newer development of Lakelands from the former National Geographic complex that is adjacent to it, now occupied by Montgomery County Regional Services Center and the Montgomery County Liquor Control Board Warehouse.

Kentlands consists of nearly two thousand homes, many of which were specially designed for the neighborhood by both local and national builders. Kentlands’ is home to an art deco cinema, diner, and skating rink as well as a Fresh Fields Whole Foods Market and its own post office, Kentlands Station. Kentlands has several man-made lakes. Kentlands was originally the site of a privately owned wheat farm known as Wheatlands. Kentlands is made up of a number of residential sub-neighborhoods, over one million square feet of commercial space, a burgeoning civic arts center, and a central clubhouse complete with full-time recreation director. The monthly Kentlands newsleter is the Town Crier and keeps residents informed of community events like the Kentlands Oktoberfest, Labor Day Bash, and Memorial Day picnic, while an active civic association protects residents’ interests and coordinates community improvements. Kentlands is a model of New Urban planning. Kentlands’ has a New Urbanism Committee and a Kentlands’ Citizens Assembly.

Kentlands’ students are served by the Montgomery County Public School System, which is the 17th largest in the nation, and more specifically by the seven elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools that are located in Gaithersburg. One of these elementary schools, Rachel Carson Elementary School, was envisioned and constructed as part of the Kentlands community. Lakelands Park Middle School is conveniently located in the adjacent sister community of Lakelands. Kentlands also has its own childcare facility, Kentlands Children’s Center.

Kentlands’ look and feel, evocative of a small town of yesteryear, give it a unique appeal. The close-knit community and the quiet streets add to the overall feeling of safety, while the abundance of greenery and the system of lakes suggest a more rural lifestyle. For many looking to avoid the harried demands of city living, Kentlands offers an ideal – and ideally located – escape.

Throughout the year, various community events take place in and around the Kentlands organized by community members. These include the Kentlands/Lakelands 5K race, the Oktoberfest in the Kentlands, the Fourth of July Parade, film festivals, and acoustic jams.

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Kentlands has of approximately 1,800 homes in the sub-neighborhoods or Districts of Gatehouse, Old Farm, Upper Lake, Middle Lake, Lower Lake, Tschiffely Square, Upper Hill, Middle and Lower Hill, Midtown, Lakeside, and Kentlands Bluff.

Residential units include single family homes (some with ‘carriage house’accessory apartments), ‘urban cottages’ (smaller single family homes), townhouses, garage townhouses, rental apartments, and condominium units. The rental projects include Beacon Place Apartments and the Gardens at Kentlands senior apartments. The condominium associations are Kentlands Ridge, Kentlands View, Copperfield Crossing, Copperfield Crossing II, The Kentlands Condominium (stacked townhouses on Kentlands Bluff), the six separately organized Chevy Chase street apartment condominiums and the apartments in the live-work buildings on Main Street and in Old Farm).

Kentlands also consists of approximately 1 million square feet of office and commercial development, with more planned for Kentlands, for Lakelands, and for Edison Park.

Gaithersburg City is now completing the Gaithersburg Center for the Arts in the Kentlands Barn, the second phase (the first being Kentlands Mansion) of a multi-phase and (hopefully) multi-building cultural arts campus in Kentlands. Gaithersburg City also expects the Main Street connection to Darnestown Road (which is itself being widened to a four-lane boulevard) to be complete later this year.

Maryland, Gaithersburg City and Montgomery County, MD are also planning for construction of the Corridor Cities Transit way, a light-rail (trolley car) or possibly busway line that will connect the area to the Shady Grove Metro station. A slight route modification is now being considered that would bring the light rail line into Kentlands on the median strip of Kentlands Boulevard. Such a connection would provide easy access on foot for nearly all who live and work in the Gaithersburg’s Neo-traditional Quarter.

The Kentlands is a great place to live which can be seen in its clubs and organizations, active street life, intense internal politics, well-read newspaper, active recreation program, strong amateur athletic teams, and in the intense loyalty it seems to generate. Kentlands has the look and feel of a real place, too, with its annual July 4th parade, carnival and hilltop picnic; Memorial Day barbecue; Labor Day Bash; Holiday party; Oktoberfest; bi-weekly lawn concerts; performances and concerts at the Mansion; and its general hustle and bustle.

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